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NPE Media is a Northern Irish independent production company with a wide range of experience from live network television broadcasts to smaller corporate videos. We'll make anything for anybody but specialise in sport coverage and documentaries, and tourism promotional work.


Current Projects

  • Northern Ireland: Ultimate Round

    We’re currently involved in producing a big project for Tourism NI through their advertising agency AV Browne, creating what we are terming the Ultimate Round of golf in Northern Ireland.

    The basic premise is if you could design a massive golf course using the whole country and had your pick of any hole from any club, which holes would you play and in what order?

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  • Man v Wave

    We have just produced 4 online films for Channel 4 that showcase Irish big wave surf legend Al Mennie. The series is called Man v Wave and will run on 4OD shortly. Al is a surf pioneer, using ocean charts, 3D models of the seabed and wave action systems to find and ride new big wave locations all round the Irish Coast. 

    We followed him for 4 months as he trained specifically to cope with whatever the Atlantic threw at him and also recorded his quest to bring more scientific analysis to his sport with the use of GPS systems and data.

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  • Revved

    Revved is a 4-part series following Ryan Farquhar’s Motorcycle Road Racing team throughout the 2015 season, with exclusive behind the scenes access to all the racers at all the big events. We are following Ryan and his team-mates, including Moto GP legend Jeremy McWilliams, and will share in their adventures on and off the race bikes at events in Australia, the Isle Of Man and Northern Ireland.

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Please contact us to discuss any project, large or small. We are always willing to listen and hopefully to help.